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The masticatory system can be analyzed in posturology but full correction of this sensor can require the intervention of a dentist or orthodontist specialized in neuromuscular dentistry. The activators trigger, drive and stimulate the impulses produced by muscular activity during the movements and the amplitude of the forces produced during swallowing, speech, breathing and mastication. The objective is to establish occlusal and dental balance and at the same time improve the functions of swallowing, chewing, phonation and nasal breathing. These activators are truly multi-functional and, during muscle contractions, stimulate the formation of tissues.

“Posturology is the study of the postural system, in all the positions of the body at a given time, and of the sensors being able to inform the central nervous system which consequently order effectors (muscles).”

Posturologists are trained in a brief evaluation of the jaw. They observe the mechanics of the jaw as well as the presence of metals that could create a neuromuscular and vascular deficit. This being said, although they can educate patients on proper TMJ behavior (free of clenching) and suggest exercises to promote better muscular balance of the jaw, they are told to refer to a dentistry specialist. presentation_apt