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A thin postural insole (not an orthotic) is used to stimulate the skin at the center reflex zone of each foot with a frequency resonator of 90Hertz. The resonator is made up of two metals that create the frequency. This frequency has been shown to be the optimal in stimulating the skin. This creates a more even foot stance on the ground and enables each foot to send the same information to the brain. Ultimately, this will also create a level pelvis and level shoulders. Postural insoles work in two ways:
  • 1-They act on the skin;
  • 2-They act on the muscle.
Skin receptors inform the brain and spinal cord on the body’s position is space. An increase in the sensitivity of the skin, accomplished by the insoles means an increase in the amount of sensory information for the brain and spinal cord to process.The postural and movement decision process is, therefore, more appropriate.   food_test

The Postural Insoles decrease postural sway, making the body more stable and allowing it to resist the pull of gravity more economically.

“Your posture can be entirely recalibrated… in an hour!”


How Do The Postural Insoles Work