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Microgalvanism is an important evolution in the understanding of many diseases. It is the starting point for the different clinical observations that are linked to the presence of metals in the body (in the mouth specifically). Specific devices have permitted us to measure the influence of microgalvanisms on the body. A microgalvanism can be present between two metals in the mouth and/or a metal in the mouth and a bracelet or a ring. A current of 300 milivolts or more is likely to disrupt proper neuromuscular functionning.  

How To Detect An Electrical Current In Your Mouth And Remove It

The presence of one single a metallic charge can give relatively large currents, and the presence of numerous site (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.) seems to cause a distribution of currents. The conclusion is that any presence of metal is able to induce a microgalvanisme with dental amalgam.

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