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Posturology is the most advanced evaluation and treatment system for orthopedic conditions. It is based on the principle that the physical body needs to be aligned and that its senses have to be functioning optimally if we expect a high level of performance. Posturology focuses on the root causes of all of many of these ailments. A postural imbalance is always found when any of the health conditions mentioned is present. The goal of the Posturology is to correct misalignments in the body that create strainand compensations. These eventually lead to various types of break down and symptoms. A motor pattern is developed through repetitive movement, the goal of Posturology is to change those faulty motor patterns that are causing a postural disequilibrium. frontal Fighting gravity with a body that represents tilts and rotations is not optimal for joint health. It is with simple and non-invasive gestures, that through Posturology we can change the way that your brain speaks to your muscular system. The results are immediate and permanent. Posturology can help with conditions such as: • Chronic muscle or joint pain; • Cervical pain; • Lower back pain; • sciatica; • Degenerative Disk Disease; • Piriformis Syndrome; • Herniated discs; • Leg pain; • Vertigo; • Migraines; • Instability; • Short Legs; • Sports injuries; • Scoliosis; • The flat feet; • The loss of sensation and numbness; • Fibromyalgia; • Parkinson’s Disease; • Osteoarthritis. Contact us today at 514-315-8489 to start your postural correction or email us at for more information.