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The skin constitutes of a receptor of the tonic postural system. It is a fundamental element of the exteroceptive system. A disturbance of this receptor comes essentially from the presence of scars. They are very frequent and can have negative consequences on the peripheral nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. scar

Consequence on the peripheral nervous system:

Any scar has the potential of stretching the cutaneous exteroceptors. Via polysynaptic pathways, these exteroceptors, stretched by the scar, send information to motor neurons, via the gamma loop, which increase the tone of the musculature to relax the skin. If the scar happens to be located in the area of the TMJ, it can have an impact on the musculature of the jaw. Occlusion can be disrupted.

Consequence on the autonomic nervous system:

Scars have the potential to create an interference field (local tissue irritation with can cause destabilization of the autonomic nervous system locally or systemically). A pathological reduction (usually) or increase in membrane resting potential leads to a reduced threshold of excitation within the affected tissue. The lower threshold creates chronic low-grade excitation within the affected tissue  resulting in a persistent inability to maintain a normal resting potential. Scar tissue can actually produce a measurable electrical charge of up to 1.5 volts. The typical cell’s electrical charge is only 80 millivolts. This means the interference field functions like a battery inappropriately implanted in the body. The interference field generates abnormal electrical signals which disrupt the autonomic nervous system and the the membrane potential of nerve ganglia and nerve fibers. The result can be electrical chaos in the spinal cord and brain, and a cascade of nerve disturbances throughout the body which manifest as chronic pain or dysfunction.

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