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Posturology is the scientific study of human balance and alignment within the Earth’s gravitational field. Mankind is always looking to spend the least amount of energy while maintaining his center of gravity. To accomplish this task he must rely on proprioceptive information. Over the last thirty years in Europe by various researchers and in the United States principally by Posturepro scientists have demonstrated that our stability is dependant on two PRIMARY sensory receptors of the tonic postural system; feet and eye. It is only since 2005 (Lakie and Loram) that we know that our proprioception is not dependant on our tricep surae but on postural central ballistic impulsions (3 per second) that allow us to stabilize ourselves to fight gravity. Any understanding and knowledge of all of the aforementioned statements comes from European researches, which began in the 80’s. This explains why the study of Posturology is, as yet, not well-known, and little used. Techniques used in Posturology have been mastered since almost ten years now, and they continue to stir interest and amaze professionals who have an open mind, and who truly wish to help their patients. We can actually modify a footprint by modifying tension in the eye muscles, by manipulating scar tissue, by altering an occlusion or simply by adjusting eyeglasses! In the same way, we can modify dental contact or occlusions by working with the feet, the eyes, or by adjusting a shortened leg! Treating mechanical causes relative to the TPS, and not the symptoms, allows for a more efficacious therapy – in the short, medium and long term. As well, Posturology is complementary to all therapeutic approaches. Correcting the TPS can contribute to the success of any other treatment.

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