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Posturology is a science-based multi-disciplinary technique developed in Europe almost 25 years ago. Posturology is revolutionary and is said to be the medicine of the future. Posturology is taught in European medical schools at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, at the World Academy of Posturology and Associated Therapies, the Dept. of Posturology at the University Tor Vergata of Rome, and the Dept. of Posturology at the University of Palermo. Posturology works faster than any other technique on re-alignnig the body, not only are changes visually noticeable but they are immediate and permanent. scolisisboy Posturology is for those interested in maximizing the true potential of their entire body. It is a 10-12 month process where the client needs to be reevaluated and treated every 6 to 8 weeks. Posturology is different, and this is why it often provides the results other more traditional techniques could not. Here are some advantages to getting your posture recalibrated:
  • Posturology is measurable.
  • Published and empirical studies demonstrating Posturology’s efficiency have used force plates to record all meaningful variables.
  • Posturology allows the clinician to make sense of the clinical findings.
  • Posturology addresses the root cause of the disequilibrium.
  • Posturology allows the clinician to make correlations between the disequilibrium, the symptoms and the cause.
  • Posturology makes it possible to recalibrate an individuals alignment over a 12 month period – results are then permanent!