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The quality of an elite athlete’s performance is not solely based on fitness levels of qualities such as strength, endurance, speed, explosiveness and flexibility. Numerous clinical studies inspired by the knowledge of Posturology have been conducted on elite athletes to demonstrate the importance of controlling vertical control and postural balance for athletic performance. The non-progression or the decrease in performance despite training, as well as many repeated incidents, are mostly related to an imbalance of the body in space. The mechanical components of pain, osteoarthritis or spinal deformities, are rarely taken into account. Control of Verticality Balance is designed from top to bottom. It is the lower members that must adapt to the verticality of the trunk. It is from this neurophysiological principle that postural stability training is built into every exercise program, but, above all, an assessment to measure the performance of postural stability is required. Postural Reprogramming The three systems of equilibration (foot, eye and ear), set in interrelation during proprioception, make up the proprioceptive system. When a person suffers from postural deficiency syndrome (PDS), the re-equilibration of different sensors may be necessary and this requires multidisciplinary collaboration (optometrist, dentist, etc.). In addition to a personalized exercise program, postural reprogramming includes a component designed for pulmonary re-education.