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Nobody is safe from knee pain. Children: During growth, children may suffer from knee pain (patellar patellofemoral syndrome, Osgood Shlatter disease). Adults: Knee pain is commonly experiencing in adulthood, especially during physical activity such as jogging. The elderly: Osteoarthritis (gonarthose) or arthritis pain can lead to the development of chronic knee pain. Knee pain is one of the common symptoms associated with decompensation of the postural deficiency syndrome (PDS). This symptom is rarely isolated and is often accompanied by lower back pain and/or sore shoulder or neck. It is interesting to note that in a right-handed person, the right knee (medial meniscus) is likely to suffer more from overload due to postural imbalance. Once the posture is balanced, both in the static and the dynamic position, postural balance and motor coordination can be re-programmed to improve performance and prevent recurrence or injury resulting from a postural deficiency syndrome. A program that has postural reprogramming exercises promotes positives changes in postural behavior in everyday life.