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Scoliosis is, by essence, a disease of the tonic postural system. The shoulders and pelvic girdles are buffer systems of posture, yet, in most cases of scoliosis, it seems that they no longer play their role: the buffer is now at the spine. Regardless of the genetic factors that can caus scoliosis, gravity is an essential postural factor to be considered in the treatment of idiopathic adolescent scoliosis (IAS) or back pain in adults. The study and monitoring of postural balances on the stabilometry platform allows us to understand and verify the results of combined support with postural reprogramming. Studies conducted by Dr. Bricot have revealed two types of scoliosis: included pelvis and excluded pelvis.
About Scoliosis Postural reprogramming possibly reduces the frequency of back pain and improving postural balance. It can be used as preventive measure in children, during treatment of scoliosis with a brace, after the treatment of scoliosis with surgery in adolescents or during rehabilitation of scoliosis in adults. Fortunately, all cases of scoliosis do not progress to severe scoliosis. Nevertheless, it is important to take care of and monitor their progress. Even without severe scoliosis, postural asymmetries are characteristics frequently observed in the postural deficiency syndrome (PDS).