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Your posture can be entirely recalibrated… in 1 hour ! At Posturepro, our mission is to provide our clients with a detailed postural assessment which can prevent future injuries, eliminate or alleviate symptoms associated with health-related conditions, or help provide information for improving strength output or athletic performance. Whether you are suffering from back, neck, shoulder or knee pain, chances are you are misaligned. Bilan Postural The reflection our assessment process is twofold: 1) Postural Assessment The purpose of postural assessment is to determined your postural strategies as well as your overall proprioception with respect to fighting gravity.
  • Postural Assessment: the postural assessment includes a 3D assessment, proprioception testing and instability and neurological testing.
  • Force Plate Testing: the Force Plate technology measures postural oscillations and the four plantar surfaces of a subject in a standing position. A detailed printout is offered at the end of the session.
  • Podoscope image print out: an image of the feet is used to visualize and measure gait disorders. This test is combined with other clinical tests.


2) Postural Recalibration The postural recalibration is accomplished by stimulating two to three areas of the body that allow the brain to make the connection with the muscles of the body symmetrically.

This creates a well-aligned posture which allows each joint of the body to function optimally. When joints move well, there is no muscle tension and pain is greatly reduced.

Postural recalibration occurs in three steps:
  • 1.We analyze the imbalances (morphostatic asymmetries) in all 3 planes of space relative to your instability.
  • 2.We evaluate the sensory entries that aren't working optimally (foot, eye, jaw, scars).
  • 3.We act on these sensory entries to create symmetry in order to get rid of the imbalances and/or instability that are causing pain.
During your first visit, you will learn:
  • Which of your eyes is dominant.
  • If you have real a short leg.
  • Why you have reached a plateau in your training.
  • Why you may be suffering from recurring headaches.
  • Why you're tired all the time.
  • Why you wake up in pain.
  What you will leave with:
  • answers to your questions regarding your pain, athletic performance or condition.
  • a treatment protocol which includes a regimen uniquely designed to correct your imbalances, improve the functioning of your sensory receptors and improve your overall performance and quality of life.
  • an understanding of how your body works as a whole.
  • the results from our brand new Neurological Testing device called a Forceplate which provides information regarding the messages your brain receives regarding all movement.
  • if necessary, referrals to specialists we collaborate with.

At the end of the postural assessment you will have a global understanding of how your body and brain function and of the different components relates to postural instability and chronic pain

We invite you to call our offices at 514-315-8489 to book an appointment today or to ask questions. If you have private insurance, you may be eligible for some compensation.

“Your posture can be entirely recalibrated… in an hour!”