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The goal of Posturology is to remove the adaptation of fasias and to re-engram a proper postural scheme and change motor patterns which will allow a permanent correction of the sensors responsible for proper posture resulting in symmetry in the body on a structural level. When the body is aligned, it works fluidly and there is no reason for pain and tightness to develop. In terms of vertebral or rheumatic pains, in various manifestations, ranging from arthritis to scoliosis through herniated discs, the mechanical component (posture) is rarely taken into account: yet it is fundamental! Posturology allows us to stimulate key areas of the body that have a direct and profound effect on the sensitivity of the tendons, joints and skin and the proper functioning of the musculo-skeletal system.

“Our treatment approach is to treat the cause of the pain, which is most effective in ensuring a full recovery from injury.”

Posturology is a method developed to assess and address the sensors (tendons, joints, skin) that are not working optimally and that affect posture and motor control. It allows us to correct the mechanical factor by optimizing the function of the tendons, joints and skin so that it can, in turn, help you contract muscles properly.