In recent years, many different techniques have been developed to treat chronic back pain and rheumatism. However, even today, in North America, over 46.7% of adults and 30% of adolescents suffer from back pain. There is typically more than one cause in each case. Back pain can begin sporadically and evolve almost inexorably to chronic pain, despite the multitude of proposed treatments. The presence of a Postural Deficiency Syndrome (PDS) since childhood can cause several postural compensations that result in specific asymmetric postural conditions that often go unnoticed by the subject themselves.

The purpose of our Postural Recalibration is to correlate symptoms and postural imbalances, analyze the imbalance in the three planes of space, find the sensors responsible for imbalances, and balance these sensors to reprogram the way the entire body functions. Someone with a dormant PDS must constantly compensate with newly acquired muscle and joint strategies to maintain postural balance and precision of movement. If this situation continues abnormally, it inevitably imposes a surcharge on postural balance and the various tendon, joint and cartilage structures that compose it.

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