Functional Activator

Most of the population has postural imbalances. Many of these imbalances can be stemming from the fact that we breathe through our mouth. Mouth breathing makes it impossible to perform at your peak athletic performance. Furthermore, mouth breathing pushes the head forward, affecting your stability, strength and oxygen intake. The Functional Activator is designed to have you position your tongue in its physiological position, at the top of your palate. By doing so, your shoulders and pelvis instantly realign, eliminating postural imbalances. The jaw can be assessed during your Postural Recalibration, but full correction of this sensor can require the intervention of a dentist or orthodontist specialized in neuromuscular dentistry.


Developed by highly qualified dentists, the Functional Activator is the result of years of knowledge. Breathing through the mouth drops the lower jaws and pushes the tongue back, which creates a forward head posture, therefore narrowing the airways. The Functional Activator holds the tongue to the palate, thus facilitating breathing through the nose and permitting range of motion and better oxygenation. This triple action helps the air circulation and increases V02Max performance.

The advantage of the Functional Activator is that it allows the natural movement of the lower jaw on the upper jaw, allowing you to restore your bite in its physiological position. It is 100% biocompatible to avoid allergies and does not require boiling. Its exceptional comfort allows physiological tongue posture.  Its unique patented composition makes it highly adjustable to any type of mouth. Contrary to other devices that require boiling to fit your teeth, the Functional Activator allows free movement of the temporomandibular joint.


During your Postural Recalibration, the therapist will do a brief evaluation of the jaw. They observe the mechanics of the jaw as well as the presence of metals that could create a neuromuscular and vascular deficit. This being said, although they can educate patients on proper TMJ behavior (free of clenching) and suggest exercises to promote better muscular balance of the jaw, they must sometimes refer to a dentistry specialist.

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