Proprioception plays an important role in the development of sensory perception in children through the primitive reflexes present at birth. In most cases of children with dyslexia, it is noted that some primitive reflexes are not integrated.

The postural assessment can reveal visual perception disorders. The eye muscles are particularly rich in sensors. We use convergence testing and ocular exercises to discover and correct asymmetries of ocular muscles. We are then able to transform a child’s spatial perception without the need to consider vision.


Dyslexia is sometimes accompanied by other disorders (which can also exist in isolation):

-Difficulty of implementing language: aphasia.
-Trouble programming and implementing gesture: dyspraxia (with a difficulty writing: dysgraphia).
-Trouble spelling: dysgraphia.
-Trouble calculating: dyscalculia.
-Impaired concentration and attention-hyperactivity.

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