The Eye and Posture

The eye is not only an element of vision, it is also (with the foot) one of the most important receptors of the postural system. This has been confirmed by all of the neuroscientific work done in this field. The eye is both an endocaptor and exterocaptor of the system. When the muscles that move the eyes are out of balance, our perception of the environment changes, and the entire body attempts to compensate for that phenomenon. In doing so, shifts and rotations of the shoulders and pelvis occur, and postural alignment suffers. A simple test such as asking someone to look at the tip of a pen can reveal such an imbalance.


An eye muscle imbalance causes several symptoms ranging from instability to cognition disorders. In order to address this oculomotor asymmetry, simple eye exercises are suggested to strengthen the weaker eye and further improve eye convergence. The resulting message that is sent to the brain will instantly align your posture and decrease your pain symptoms.