Feet and Posture

The foot is the first sensor of the postural system. Whenever a postural assymetry is found, the foot is always a link between the body’s imbalance and the ground.


Once a compensatory pattern has been present for more than a year, the foot and tissues (fasciae) of the lower extremity have adapted and are now in that compensatory pattern. If these asymmetries exist for over a period of one year the entire fascial and muscular system will “adapt” to this new pathological posture. Postural technology is used to recalibrate the body and correct these imbalances in posture. A thin postural insole (not an orthotic) is used to stimulate the skin at the center reflex zone of each foot. This creates a more even foot stance on the ground and enables each foot to send the same information to the brain. Ultimately, this will also create a level pelvis and level shoulders.

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