Knee pain is another common symptom in today’s adult population. Much like back pain, it is rarely isolated. Knee pain is generally accompanied by lower back pain and/or sore shoulders and neck. It limits people in their daily activities and often reduces the amount of exercise they would normally be getting. 

To stay active and prevent knee pain from occurring, it is important that the body be properly aligned. In particular, the feet must be bearing the weight of the body symmetrically. If the feet aren’t carrying the body equally, the sensory receptors in the feet are not sending information symmetrically to the brain and the brain ends up sending the wrong information to the rest of the body. Balancing the feet properly will have a positive effect on all other joints and it will improve how the entire body functions. 

Knee pain is almost always linked to postural misalignments. For children, it is important to address postural misalignments at a young age so that their body does not ingrain them permanently. 

Once they reach an adult age it takes longer to correct postural misalignments. At this stage, it becomes even more crucial to fix the brain-body connection to prevent the early onslaught of injury, disease, and more chronic pain. 

Finally, for the elderly, good posture remains key to maintain a good quality of life. An aligned body where the brain is receiving and sending information properly is less at risk for disease, falling, and other risk factors associated with ageing. 

Knee pain at any age is troublesome, and we can help get to the root cause of it, while preventing future pain, injury and disease. 

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