Nutritional Intolerances

Good health has a lot to do with maintaining balance: the right balance of work and play, the right balance of nutrients in the diet, and the right kinds of foods.

Both men and women suffer from a variety of imbalance conditions. Reactions to chemical components of the diet are more common than true food allergies. They are caused by various organic chemicals occurring naturally in a wide variety of plant and other foods.

Continuous stimulation of the immune system and an inflammatory reaction, supported by repeated and continuous ingestion of risky foods, are the origin of food intolerance. These intolerances disrupt the intestinal function: the foods responsible are not completely assimilated and the partially digested residue mobilizes your immune system. This residue is recognized and attacked as a foreign body.


“When the body is aligned, it works fluidly and there is no reason for pain and tightness to develop.”

At Posturepro we can test for these intolerances through a food allergy test. We can also create a diet that is manageable, and practical which will help reduce your biochemical stress from food intolerance.

List of available test:

[ul type=”circle” indent=”true” separator=”-“]-Saliva Hormone Test;-Urine Estrogens;-Urine Thyroid Test ;-Diatest;-Food Allergy IgG – IgE;-Essential Fatty Acids;-Hair Element Analysis;-Lipoprotein Particle Profile (LPP);-MicroNutrient (MNT).[/ul]

To learn more about the testing services that we offer to help recognize an imbalance, please contact us.