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The techniques used at Posturepro are science-based: our methods are the result of clinical studies conducted over the last 35 years. They allow us to deliver immediate and permanent results.

What is Posturology?

Posturology reshapes the way your brain communicates with your muscles by giving constant information to the body in order to recalibrate posture and change faulty motor patterns.

Why Posturology?

Posturology has been clinically proven to increase strength performance and decrease pain up to 60-85%. All in just one session.

About Us

Our unique postural evaluation system allows us to know, in a single session, if we can resolve a client’s issue or not. Our goal is to help you recover faster, but also to have you return to your active lifestyle permanently.


Optimize neurological input to the central nervous system.

Feet and Posture

The foot will always adapt to maintain balanced weight distribution.

Eye and Posture

The eye is both an endocaptor and exterocaptor of the system.

TMJ and Posture

When your jaw becomes misaligned, it can impact the alignment of your whole body.