TMJ and Posture

Doctors underestimate and the public ignores the important relationship between the teeth and a healthy body. Healthy teeth are essential for good posture and stress control. Resistance against somato-emotional problems can ensure better quality of life as well as increased athletic performance.

When the jaws (mandibule and maxillary) become misaligned, it has a profound impact on the alignment of your whole body. The jaws are directly connected to the muscular system via the hyoid bone and are also connected to the antagonist muscles of occlusion and deglutition (SCM, trapezius, pectorals).

An asymmetry found in the TMJ can have repercussions on the trigeminal nerve (V cranial nerve) which shares a relationship with the nuclei of the XI cranial nerve.  Asymmetrical trigeminal information can then create asymmetries of tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

The trigeminal nerve also shares a close relationship with the eye muscles (cranial nerve III, IV and VI) via the superior colliculus. There are many more links between various nuclei via the Medial longitudinal fascicles.

TMJ and Posture - Posturepro

Our approach briefly evaluates the jaw. We observe the mechanics of the jaw, as well as the presence of metals that could create a neuromuscular and vascular deficit.

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