Our vision is to improve the quality of life of millions by changing how we think about therapy. We must move away from classical modalities that look at just one body part to a consideration of the body globally. Posturepro offers a new approach to management and prevention of chronic pain that focuses on the brain-body connection. By shifting from the traditional symptomatic approach to a more brain-based approach, we can deliver immediate and longstanding results. Yet not enough people know about Postural Recalibration, what it can do for them personally, and how it can help society in general.

Therefore, beyond working with our clients, Posturepro also strives to spread awareness about Posturology in the following three ways:


  • Teach health-care professionals about the postural system, how to asses postural imbalances, and how to correct them.
  • Offer diverse educational models and programs to reach students from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Speak at conferences and other venues to educate the public on the role of the brain for prevention.


  • Establish practice-based research networks to validate the most successful applications of Postural Recalibration in clinical prevention.
  • Develop new interdisciplinary research models for assessing different medical conditions and the body as a whole.
  • Promote dialogue between medical fields (kinesiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dentistry, dermatology, orthodontics, etc) in regards to prevention and treatment of pain.
  • Ensure that emerging scientific evidence on new approaches to chronic pain is continuously integrated into the Posturepro model and educational programs.


  • Create a network of Postural Recalibration-trained medical professionals throughout North America.
  • Work with leaders in academic medicine to ensure the integration of Postural Recalibration into medical schools and residency programs.
  • Team up with employers, insurers, and government agencies to implement pilot programs to demonstrate how Postural Recalibration will improve outcomes and reduce costs in the marketplace.
  • Cooperate with policymakers to support initiatives aimed at transforming medical education, research, and practice.

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