Postural Recalibration is a science based on neurology and he idea that our posture is closely related to the sensory information our brain receives from our feet, eyes, skin and muscular system. This approach allows us to assess and correct the primary movement pattern errors that, once improved, balance the bodily system as a whole.

Poor posture could be defined as a defect in the processing of the sensory information coming from one or more of these sensory systems, causing the body to adapt to the faulty information it’s receiving, and thereby becoming posturally imbalanced.


The goal of Postural Recalibration is to remove the adaptation of fasias and to re-ingrain a proper postural scheme. By doing so, we can begin to  change faulty motor patterns which will allow a permanent correction of the sensory receptors, resulting in structural symmetry in the body. When the body is aligned, it works fluidly and there is no reason for pain and tightness to develop.

Posturepro focuses on the root causes of ailments, and a postural imbalance is always found when assessing pain. Our goal is to correct misalignments in the body that create strained compensations. These eventually lead to various types of breakdown and symptoms. A motor pattern is developed through repetitive movement, so we look to change those faulty motor patterns that are causing a postural disequilibrium.

In terms of chronic pains, ranging from arthritis, herniated discs to scoliosis, the mechanical component (posture) is rarely taken into account. Yet, it is fundamental! Postural Recalibration allows us to stimulate key areas of the body that have a direct and profound effect on the sensitivity of the tendons, joints and skin and the proper functioning of the musculo-skeletal system.

Fighting gravity with a body that is posturally imbalanced is not optimal for joint health. Our Postural Recalibration Program is simple and provides non-invasive gestures. Posturepro can help with conditions such as:

• Chronic muscle or joint pain;
• Cervical pain;
• Lower back pain;
• Sciatica;
• Degenerative Disk Disease;
• Piriformis Syndrome;
• Herniated discs;
• Leg pain;
• Vertigo;
• Migraines;
• Instability;
• Short Legs;
• Sports injuries;
• Scoliosis;
• Flat feet;
• Loss of sensation and numbness;
• Fibromyalgia;
• Parkinson’s Disease;
• Osteoarthritis.

The results are immediate and permanent.

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